Interesting Facts About Italy

The country of Italy if popular as a place rich with romance and art life. Every day, its popularity in tourism continues to increase. This is thanks to the several interesting things you can do in this country. Once you visit Italy, you will never feel like leaving because there is a lot to see.

If you are interested in Italy or want to visit it soon, this post is dedicated to you.  It doesn’t matter if your interest in Italy is due to its fascinating culture or sceneries. We have every fact that you need to know about Italy. First, Italy colonized Libya, Eritrea and other countries in Africa. It has a rich history that might want to know. Check out these interesting facts about Italy before you visit.

It has fountain flowing red wine

This is interesting and you might not believe it. Are you a wine lover? If yes, do not hesitate to visit Central Italy where there is a fountain that flows red wine. The red wine flows 24/7 and the fountain is located in Caldari di Ortona. Regardless of who you are, you can drink from this red wine fountain. The main is quench the thirst of people who take Camino di San Tommaso journey.

Italian food is found everywhere

When it comes to food, Italian cuisine leads them all. Some people even make a joke saying the Italians showed the world how to make tasty food. No matter where you go, you will never miss Italian food. It is found all over the world. 

It has the World’s oldest university

If you want to see the oldest university in the universe, Italy is the place to be. Education is a basic part of Italy’s society and culture. Unlike many countries, they can take pride in being the country that has some of the world’s oldest universities. Among the oldest universities, is the University of Bologna that was established in the year 1000. This university is still considered the best university several years after it was established. 

Italy has lots of mountains and hills

The terrain of Italy is very much interesting. It is full of mountains and hills, At least ⅕ of the whole nation is either mountainous or hilly. This makes Italy a good place for anyone who wants to go hiking. It has an undeniably beautiful nature. However,, the terrains can be hard to navigate for new people. 

The good thing about Italy is that you don’t need to go to the peak of the mountain to get to an awesome hiking path. For example, you can find good hiking trails in Tuscany and enjoy your holiday away from your country – read here on places of interest in italy.


If you are looking to travel soon, you now know some of the facts that will make your adventure exceptional. Another thing you should know about Italy is that over 30 percent of Italians do not utilize the internet. However, this fact depends on the age of the residents.  Those below 30 years utilize the internet.

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